Carme' Toy Poodles
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Welcome to Carme' Toy Poodles! We have been Poodle Breeders offering you top quality Toy Poodles for over 20 years.
Our dogs are bred not only for beauty, temperament and good health, but brains as well.  Our Toy Poodles are not only
for the show ring, but are also loving family pets and companions. Our Toy Poodles come in black, brown, white, silver
and sometimes other colors but these are our specialities.
Please read our information before purchasing a Toy Poodle or any dog. A little research on the dogs you are interested
in or the breeder you are thinking of purchasing your next family member from will pay dividends in the end. Feel free
to call or email me with ANY questions you may have!
We are proud to offer Toy Poodles of distinct quality, only breeding those sires and dams that will ultimately improve the
overall breed and thus helping to eliminate genetic defects. By doing this we produced Toy Poodles that are intelligent,
beautiful, graceful, keep their eyesight and stay healthy so they can have a longer life.
Updated 06-26-18
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